Win new business.


To Win Business

We support our customers to win new business, defend their existing business and create new opportunities. For selected industries: Space, Telecom Defence, Transportation and new energy we provide an end-to-end services. From lead creation to capture management, creating the winning proposal and closing the deal.

International companies want to enter the attractive B2B and B2G German market. Sometimes easy said than done. There’s a cost to it, but be smart and spend your budgets wisely. Learn the rules, find the right partners, organisation and coaches you can trust. SEYRING consultants and experts help companies to find their way into Germany.


Helping Companies To Win Business

Seyring GmbH operates as a Consulting Firm in Germany since 2014. An experienced team of consultants, trainer and experts are part of the organisation.

Wolfram Seyring is CEO of Seyring GmbH, which operates under the Brand „SEYRING Business Services“. He has 30 years of international experience in Business Development, Capture and Proposal Management and worked for companies like Bosch, Ericsson, Nokia Networks and Nokia Siemens Networks.

Under the umbrella of SEYRING GmbH, Business Development Services will be provided directly or via the affiliated companies: BidBox GmbH, BidBox Consulting GmbH and BidBox Pvt. Ltd..

Our employees and consultant have many years of experience in Business and different industries. So we can provide access to many network and are members of a number of associations. (e.g.: IBWF, VDI, APMP).


Business Development for selected Industries

Business Development in B2B and B2G is the core expertise of our teams. Our experts supervise and support our customers to master the challenges. We take responsibility for Lead Generation, Tender Management, Proposal Preparation and Marketing Programs.

Furthermore we support customer teams in competence development, providing relevant parts of Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Seyring GmbH services are tailored to customer business. Relevant services and modules will be combined.

Each phase of the Business Development Process requires special expertise. We provide the needed services within our group of operations. Seyring GmbH, BidBox GmbH, BidBox Consulting GmbH and BidBox PVT LTD.

Our Business Units and Companies provide specific Business Development Modules and Services. The Portfolio to our customers consists of 6 Service Segments.

Customer get our services under the roof of SEYRING Business Services.