Seyring provides services and experts for selected industries in focus markets like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Baltics and India.


Fiber-optic networks are being expanded at full speed in Germany. New network operators are entering the market because existing network operators, such as Deutsche Telekom, cannot meet the demand.  Mobile technologies such as 5G play a major role in the further expansion of digitization.


Interest in aerospace and business solutions related to space assets grows considerably in Europe. Many countries and companies want to be part of it. And they do not want to be dependent on the big players of the past, such as NASA, ESA (European Space Agency). StartUp companies develop new rocket systems enable more transport capabilities. Germany, France and Italy have been present for decades, directly and through the corresponding manufacturers and partners. 


Defence is for us the industry in which military but also non-military technologies, solutions and services are applied. Often a combination of systems from other industries, this is not limited to technology, but to specially tailored services for military scenarios. Since February 24, 2022, the need for a European and NATO-integrated military counterweight to Russia has been indisputable. German government is making available a special fund of €100 billion to strengthen the Bundeswehr and is planning to increase the defense budget. More tenders are expected from Procurement Office (BAAINBw).


The concept of mobility and the transport systems in Germany are in a state of upheaval. The trend toward environmentally compatible means of mass transportation is increasing, although there is also a trend toward new individual means of transportation such as e-scooters and e-scooters. Future mass transportation systems will be based on electrical solutions. In Wuppertal and surrounding area it is a long tradition to use electrical transport systems. Already in 1901 an electrical powered monorail systems was in operation „Schwebebahn“ and in the nearby cities Electrical buses were in use.

Green Energy

Wind, sun, H2 and energy recovery – Climate change and economic efficiency demand that we rethink the way we generate and use the energy we need and break new ground. Wind power, photovoltaics and hydrogen are currently in the spotlight as green energy sources. Geothermal energy and heat pumps are being promoted as replacements for heating systems that still run on fossil fuels.

The general conservation of energy is a highly topical issue. In addition to this, we should also examine how residual energy that is currently released into the air or water can be made economically usable.