Seyring services are applied in various industries and markets. In Germany we have a special focus on some industries.


Interest in aerospace and business solutions related to space assets is grown considerably in Europe. Many countries and companies want to be part of it. And they do not want to be dependent on the big players of the past, such as NASA, ESA (European Space Agency). StartUp companies develop new rocket systems enable more transport capabilities.

Europe is competing with the USA, China, Russia, Asia and India. Furthermore, Arab countries are also entering the space and satellite communications market. Germany and France have been present for decades, directly and through the corresponding manufacturers and partners. Essentially, large corporations are active there with solutions and services.


Fiber-optic networks are being expanded at full speed in Germany. New network operators are entering the market because existing network operators, such as Telekom, cannot meet demand. With the introduction of smart city networks, local network infrastructure is becoming all the more important.

Mobile technologies such as 5G play a major role in the further expansion of digitization.