Companies need a portfolio of business competences and services to win new business and maintain current business against the competition. Seyring provides services, which supports our customers to win new business in Germany selected EU countries and India. Furthermore our organisations provide Experts in selected industries.

SEYRING Business Services

Business Development

Companies are not only supported in the creation of the first business plan, but are also available for the implementation. This also includes, for example, the identification of business opportunities, support at customer meetings, the presentation of the product, service or solution, as well as the preparation of the offers. Besides all common Business Development work and activities, we provide our customers with services in Marketing, Social Media, Graphics selection and design, and project specific language translation services. ⇒ Business Development

Proposal Consulting

Management and writing of the proposal to win the next business is part of our expertise. As part of the business development, a winning proposal need to be prepared. We will provide proposal management and proposal writing service in German and English. Our sister company BidBox International will take care of our proposal and tender services with senior consultant and trainer. You can talk to us or directly with our BidBox International organisation. ⇒ BidBox International

Market Entry Services

Seyring supports customer in opening up new markets. Here we focus on a few selected countries with growth potential. Our team combines our own experience from Germany with strong local partners. We offer companies tailor-made services, from market analysis and the procurement of suitable partners to the establishment of the company.From the first market studies over location consulting to the local foundation of a company. Our consultant and partners arrange for business contacts and suggest the right location for your campany. Lead and opportunity management is part of our expertise. ⇒ BidBox Consulting

Social Media Marketing

To some extend companies in B2B and B2G underestimate the power and relevance of Social Media Marketing. Of course it all about sales, but Social Media can help companies to reach their current customers and getting new leads and opportunities.Seyring can manage your existing Social Media Channels and run dedicated compaigns on relevant plattforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, X and other relevant business channels. For longer and extensive Social Media assigments and programs, we introduce our Social Media Agency. ⇒ Seyring Social Media Marketing

Training and Certification

SEYRING® training courses support employees and companies in building competence in Business Development, Proposal Management, Public Tender and Grant responses, and provide the industry Certifications. As APMP ATO our BidBox GmbH organization also provides APMP Certifications – Foundation, Practitioner and all APMP available Micro-Certifications. All trainings are available as company in-house seminars, Public Online or at Public Event sides at selected cities in Germany and Europe.

BidBox® – Trainings cover all phases of the business development process and are aligned with the Business Development industry standard, BD-CMM. For more information, please talk to: ⇒ BidBox International

Interim Management

In special or demanding business situation the need for instant management expertise is required. Often there is no time for a long recruitment process finding the person with the right competence. Furthermore customers need performance from day one without giving a long induction time for the person. Seyring with its experts and consultants is very much aware about the challenges. Each of our consultant and experts have more than 30 years experience in business. We can provide Interim Management Support instantly for 6 to 12 month period in Business Development, Marketing, Capture- and Proposal Management. ⇒ Interim Management