SEYRING GmbH · Am Anger 20 · D-40723 Hilden

The Seyring GmbH is currently investigating to participate in the ESA tender:


There are several topics brought up such as:

  • Towards shipping 4.0 dealing with digitalization of maritime services and remote operation of maritime vessels.
  • Monitoring of coastal areas such as detecting sources of illegal and harmful pollutants as well as Monitoring land and water infrastructure in coastal areas.
  • Maritime surveillance by detecting and Tracking Life crafts and Debris from Wrecked Vessels and illegal fisheries

The topic which has been chosen from the Seyring GmbH is „Environmental sustainability with the reduction of emissions and environmental footprint of maritime vessels on sea in the harbour and on inland waterways.“

We suggest an onboard monitoring of emission data measured at dedicated positions.
Since maritime vessels are using different fuel qualities but various maritime and coastal areas allow only the utilization of “clean” fuels (e.g. reduced sulphur content) it deems to be necessary to control the emissions on sea in dependence of the geographic position and in the harbour. In case of uncrewed shipping the process of choosing the appropriate fuel quality has to be automatised.
Data (emission and position) shall be collected on sea and from time to time transferred by satellite to an interested authorization (e.g. Environmental Agency).

Our approach foresees to develop the technical concept as well as the operator model.

In a first step we have to deliver an Outline Proposal to ESA, showing the feasibility of our approach. In case the approach is considered valid, ESA will allow to submit a full proposal for this undertaking.

The Seyring team consists of experts from the areas business development, IT technologies and space technologies.

For this undertaking the Seyring GmbH is looking for interested parties to participate. These partners can take an active role, or act as stakeholders supporting the work with their contribution in kind.

In case of interest, please contact us.

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